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Pet Pain Management / Rehabilitation in Marcellus, NY

We want our patients to have the very best quality of life that they can and our pain management services can help pets live life to the fullest!

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Working to help our patients find freedom from pain is important to us.

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Laser Therapy (Class 4 Laser)

If your pet experiences a soft tissue injury, chronic pain, or a wound that needs some more help healing, our doctors may add Laser Therapy to your pet’s treatment plan. A therapeutic laser is the application of light energy to areas of the body to stimulate and accelerate healing. The therapeutic laser reduces pain by decreasing inflammation, as well as by decreasing tissue chemicals that stimulate pain and by affecting nerve conduction. The therapeutic laser also enhances healing by increasing microcirculation (blood flow through the smaller blood vessels of the body), stimulating cellular activity, and increasing growth factors.

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Rehab Therapy Modalities

Our rehabilitation utilizes medically proven modalities, through a series of treatments, to regain mobility and pain-free daily life. We also teach pet parents at-home exercises and mobility aids to assist their pet with daily living.

Rehabilitation plans treat patients who have had surgery or injury, are not a candidate for surgical repair of injury, are experiencing decreased mobility due to aging, suffer from neurological impairments, strength training for working animals/athletes, and more.

Research-based modalities include treatments such as massage, electrical stimulation, laser therapy, underwater treadmill, orthotics/prosthetics, and more.

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Disease-Modifying Osteoarthritis Drugs (DMOADs)

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease characterized by the degeneration of joint cartilage and underlying bone. Symptoms of osteoarthritis typically set in over the course of years, with signs of pain or stiffness being the most prevalent. Disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOAD) work to prevent further deterioration of the affected cartilage and potentially restoring it to some degree. Please contact our office for a consultation on the best DMOAD treatment options for your pet.