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Pet Internal Medicine in Marcellus, NY

Your pet’s health includes having healthy functioning internal organs. Thanks to advances in modern veterinary medicine, we have numerous ways to diagnose and treat internal organ problems in pets.
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Pet Routine/Advance Diagnostics

When your pet is ill, it is important that a proper diagnosis is made so that your pet can be treated promptly. At Lake Country Veterinary Care, we make timely and accurate diagnosis our priority. If your pet is ill or awaiting test results, please contact our team with your questions and concerns. That’s what we’re here for!

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Pet Disease Management

Early detection and treatment of chronic disease are critical to helping your pet live a long, healthy life with your family. Early management of chronic or age-related conditions is less costly and risky than emergency treatment once the disease progresses.


Referral Capability

Your primary veterinarian will refer your pet to one of our referral services when a condition is particularly complex, when more than one disease is present, or when advanced technology is needed for treatment or diagnosis. We will work as part of your pet’s medical team, in conjunction with your primary veterinarian, to give your pet the best medical care possible.